International Medical Tourism plays a vital role in the modern health care sectors. It is a modernized concept whereby people from worldwide visit India for quality treatments at affordable costs.
Our International patient care department is well equipped with Fax, 24 hours helpline and with trained medical tourism coordinators. Our hospital has International tie ups with Medical Tourism organizations.
We not only provide quality care to the International patients, but also we provide mind-refreshing memories through our customized sightseeing arrangements.

The sightseeing places located in & around Karaikudi:


The Chettinad is the total area that makes up the ancestral home of the Nattukottai Chettiyars, a prosperous banking community that was successful in the oversea business market in South and Southeast Asia in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The entire area includes a total of 76 villages of which Karaikudi is the largest. The Chettinad Town has famous houses that tourists like to explore and it provides a memorable experiences. These homes were once where the Chettiyars lived. The Chettinad is also famous for its unique, spicy, and very tasty cuisine. Numerous restaurants in the area both small and large regularly draw in crowds with the simple assertion that they serve Chettinad food.


Athangudi is one of the villages that comprise the Chettiyars ancestral home. It is famous in its own right for the beautiful Athangudi tiles that are made there. These handmade terracotta tiles are as unique as they are beautiful. It provides each tile with a texture that is unique to them alone. They are cast form the local clay and are painted into beautiful patterns using vivid, breathtaking colors.


It is located at 12 kilometers from Karaikudi on the way to Madurai.It is the infamous rock-cut temple of Pilaiyarpatti.It was built by early Pandiya Kings around the 4th century A.D.14 and separate stone inscriptions that are carved there date from various times from 400 A.D. to 1238 A.D. Numerous deity images are carved into the temple including a 6-foot rock-cut Vinayaka idol.


Chettinad Cuisine is a famous in the entire south India. It is spicy, original, and extremely tasty. If you would like to experience fine Chettinad home cooking at its finest, then visiting The Bangala is a definite must. This restaurant has an outstanding reputation for providing quality food that exhibits the best of the region without being too spicy for the tourists.


The first of the clan temples was in Ilayathangudi and it is 25 kms from Karaikudi on the road to Kunrakudi, passing Nemam, Keelasivalpatti and Avinipatti on the way. It is said to have been granted to the Nagarathars in 707 A.D. The temple is known for its great sculptural value and it has the biggest tank, "oorani" of all other temples. Legend has it, that this was the resting place of the gods and it explains the village's name with a syllable break-up that is as follows: ilaippu meaning tiredness, attru meaning to remove and gudi meaning place.


The Mathur temple is a little over 5 kms from Karaikudi, that can be reached not long after passing Iluppakudi. Burial urns found in the vicinity indicate that there were settlements here more than 1500 years ago. The temple is rich with sculptures, and there is a unique piece at the entrance to the mahamandapam, where the steps, the two flanking elephants and the pedestals for the two doorkeepers have all been hewn from one stone. The nearly 70-foot tall rajagopuram here has been constructed in five storeys. The vizha mandapam or the festival hall in front of the rajagopuram or the main tower, at the entrance was built in 1949 and can seat 500 persons within the hall and another 500 around it. The main deity here is Lord Ainootheswarar and his consort Periyanayaki.

Sight Seeing places around KaraiKudi

  • Chettinad Houses KaraiKudi, Pallathur, Athangudi and Kothamangalam have the Most lavish houses in the Chettinad.
  • Chettinad Palace The Chettinad Palace at Kanadukathan ant it was buit in 1912.
  • Koviloor - 4 km Ancient Shiva Temple.
  • Kundrakudi - 9 km Arulmigu Murugan. Temple.
  • Pillaiyar patti - 12 km Karpaga Vinayagar Temple.
  • Nemam - 12 km Sri Jayam Konda Soleeswarar Temple.

How to reach Karaikudi:

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Trichy airport and is located 78 kms from karaikudi.
  • By Rail: The railway station is located in Karaikudi and is 3 kms from our hospital campus. Train services are available to Chennai, Trichy and Rameswaram.
  • By Road: Our hospital is well connected by road from all major cities in Tamilnadu.



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